Rotorua Geothermal Distilling

Welcome to Rotorua Geothermal Distilling, where innovation meets nature's heat to craft extraordinary spirits. Situated in the heart of New Zealand's geothermal wonderland, the goal our distillery is to be powered by the Earth's own energy, harnessing the raw, natural heat of Rotorua's geothermal sources. Our goal is to redefine distillation by using sustainable, renewable geothermal energy, resulting in eco-friendly and exceptional spirits. Explore our range of premium, environmentally conscious liquors, each bottle a testament to our commitment to harnessing the Earth's heat responsibly. Join us in pioneering a new era of distillation, where nature fuels our passion for crafting exquisite spirits. Experience Rotorua Geothermal Distilling today and taste the future of sustainable craftsmanship.